Remote work + 
e-learning = increased screen time and overexposure to blue light 

EyeJust Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology is layered into the screen protector to enhance health and productivity

Protecting our health from the damaging effects of blue light is more important than ever before.

Overexposure to blue light is harmful to sleep, eyes and skin. Blue light disrupts sleep by suppressing melatonin and changing the body's circadian rhythm. Blue light also causes eye fatigue and damages photoreceptor cells in the retina which may lead to macular degeneration. 

Symptoms of Blue Light overexposure

Blurred Vision.       Dry Eyes.      Sleep Deprivation.       Tired Eyes.       Headaches.      Poor Performance.

10 + hours a day looking at screens 

53% of employees admit they take at least one break a day to rest their eyes because they hurt or feel uncomfortable 

45% of employees feel less productive from remote work 

47% of employees report suffering from tired eyes

56% of children's awake time involves a screen

#1 Doctor
Tested & Approved Blue Light Blocking
Screen Protector

#1 Doctor Tested & Approved Blue Light Blocking
Screen Protector

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