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At EyeJust, we're all about the science.

As the leader in blue light blocking technology, EyeJust offers blue light protection for all your devices with both screen protectors and eyewear. EyeJust is doctor tested and scientifically validated to deliver the most effective, research-backed technology that is proven to protect your eyes, sleep, and overall health.

The EyeJust Eyewear Collection

The EyeJust Eyewear Collection combines sophisticated designs with superior blue light blocking lenses. Our frames are crafted from biodegradable Italian Acetate and the lenses are the highest quality featuring dual anti-reflective and scratch-proof coating and are registered with the FDA.


  • Filters up to 10x more of the impactful blue light than other brands

  • Anti-reflective and scratch resistant treatment

  • Double-sided, anti-glare coating

The EyeJust Blue Light Screen 

Our proprietary blue light blocking technology stops blue light at the source and is proven to protect your eyes, skin, and sleep as well as your device.


  • Filters up to 10x more of the impactful blue light than other brands.

  • Maintains brightness and colors unlike plastic protectors

  • 5x the strength of other screen protectors

What Our Customers Are Saying


Blue Light Blocking Eyewear Collection

We are so confident you will love these glasses, we are offering a risk free trial. We guarantee that you will feel a difference in 30 days or your money back.  

"We tested the leading blue light blocking screen protectors and ranked EyeJust as the number one most effective blue light blocking solution for filtering sleep-disrupting light with clear transparency and no yellow tint."

Dr. Mitul Mehta PhD MD MS Department of Ophthalmology, University of California, Irvine

"There is a lot of market confusion when it comes to blocking blue light.

We take the guess work out. Most brands measure blue light at a level that is not harmful. We created our eyewear to block 40 percent of the 430-460 blue light wavelength which is linked to digital eye strain and sleep disruption. Our lenses are near clear with an anti-glare tint to give you the protection you need when looking at digital devices including monitors, TVs, and screens. We also wanted to design a sophisticated frame that looks great on everyone and offers visual comfort and wearability. So you look great and feel great, while making your health a priority."

- Gigi Mortimer, Founder

Setting a new standard in blue light blocking

SleepScore Labs conducted an 850-night study, validating EyeJust as improving all stages of sleep, which is important for memory, learning, and overall well-being.

  • Falling asleep faster

  • Waking up fewer times at night

  • Feeling well-rested in the morning

  • Spending less time awake at night

  • Improves REM sleep


experience less eyestrain


experience better sleep quality

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