blue light screen protector for iphones and ipads





We Protect Your Eyes First

Screens Second

We all spend an average of 7.3 hours looking at our mobile phones, tablets, and computers each day. But did you know that the blue light emitted by those screens penetrates all the way to the retina, over time damaging our vision, causing eye strain, and even contributing to sleep deprivation?

We want to help you stay

protected while connected

EyeJust screen protectors seamlessly attach to any device to cut harmful blue light, invisibly. They also reduce the spread of bacteria, and protect your personal information via our advanced privacy filters. We're helping you avoid the downsides of digital - which in our eyes, is everything.

Blue Light & the Downside of Digital

A Harvard University study determined that exposure to blue light at night negatively reduces melatonin levels; since it helps regulate circadian rhythms—our body’s natural sleep/wake cycle—additional screen-time before bedtime can disrupt this cycle, contributing to sleep deprivation, too. In children, whose eyes are not yet fully developed, and who are now using digital devices from a very young age, prolonged exposure over time is of particular concern. 



Developed over 2 years by eye care specialists, EyeJust’s four-layer technology filters out up to 80% of the harmful blue light emitted by your devices, to prevent its rays from penetrating deep within your eyes, where it can do real damage over time. In our eyes, that’s everything.



Screens get dirty. Oils from fingerprints and makeup residue, invisible grit and grime picked up from surfaces at home, at work, and out in the world. Our specially coated glass kills 99% of common bacteria—including staph, E.coli, mold, and mildew—preventing its growth and transmission. Keeping screens as clean as possible is especially important for individuals working in hospital settings, schools, airports, and other public places where bacteria tends to breed.