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Blue Light Protection

By now, you’ve heard about the dangers of blue light to your eyes and skin – and you’re wondering between work emails, the ongoing group text, and the occasional Netflix binge, how can you avoid blue light exposure? The truth is, there are a few ways, including blue light blocking glasses.

But while blue light blocking glasses are great for your eyes, you need something that cuts blue light at the source. A blue light screen protector, like EyeJust, is your best option. Not only does it save your eyes, but it offers broader protection and acts as a filter for your entire device, shielding your skin from hyperpigmentation and inflammation. When paired with Night Shift, EyeJust is a super convenient, pain-free way to limit your exposure to blue light and protect your eyes and skin.

And, to make this the best news you’ve read on your phone all day, EyeJust costs a fraction of the price of most blue light blocking glasses (and definitely less than the brunch bill with bottomless mimosas). So go ahead and treat yourself to an EyeJust blue light screen protector – your eyes and skin will thank you!

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