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Blue Light and its Effects on Skin: What to Know

We all know that the sun is not our best friend and is a culprit when it comes to aging. But what we are learning now is that blue light from screens may be affecting our skin.

More information about blue light and skin continues to come to light (pun very much intended). Dermatologists are seeing indications of hyper-pigmentation and are warning of premature aging as a result of excessive screen use. A few studies found that exposure to light from devices increased reactive oxygen generation — or oxidative stress — known to cause skin to age. It’s also been reported that blue light can cause pigmentation and redness; in fact, 30 hours of blue light exposure can increase your skin’s inflammation level by 40%. And unfortunately, it works fast; one week of screen time can have the same impact on your skin as 25 minutes in the mid-day sun without any protection.

Another not-so-fun fact? It impacts your sleep cycle, which triggers cells into believing its daytime so they aren’t working to repair any skin damage and regenerate.

So, what can you do to combat the effects of blue light on your skin? Luckily, it is as simple as protecting yourself at the source — your screens. Simple changes, like less screen time overall, can add up. But we know that’s not always possible, so another way to protect yourself includes blocking up to 50% of the blue light from your device using an EyeJust screen protector. Less blue light reaching your skin means less damage over time — which is something sure to keep a smile on your face!

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