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EMF Pro Tech Pack

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✔️ Ultimate protection - shields up to 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation and the 5G mobile network (up to 14 Ghz).
✔️ Clear connectivity - does not affect cell phone signal.
✔️ Sleek and functional design - 2 zipper pouch with adjustable nylon strap and clip-in closure.
✔️ Compact carryall - lightweight, durable, comfortable, fits all cell phones.
✔️ Sustainable luxury - made of ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon, created and upcycled from ocean and landfill waste into a luxury material.
✔️ Independent scientific studies link EMF exposure to the risk of increased depression, anxiety, infertility and cancer.


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EMF Pro Tech Pack
EMF Pro Tech Pack
EMF Pro Tech Pack
EMF Pro Tech Pack

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    Advanced blue light technology blocks more blue light than other brands.


    Ultimate shatterproof shield, 5x strength of other screen protectors.


    Extra hard coating layer prevents scratches on screen.


    Invisible screen protection, maintains your device's brightness and true colors

  • easy application

    Simple, hassle-free process for easy, bubble-free installation.


    Replace your EyeJust screen protector up to two years after purchase

Rigorously Tested by Doctors and Scientists