EYEJUST wanted to make smart things to help you live a better life. 

"Digital devices are great; they’ve changed the world, but it’s time we take an honest look at what impact they may be having on our health and wellness." 

Gigi Mortimer, creative entrepreneur and Founder of EyeJust, has built her career where science meets fashion, predicting trends for two decades at Tory Burch as director of Inspiration and Ralph Lauren as Director of Women's Accessories.

EyeJust combines all my passions: science, accessories, health, and wellness. EyeJust is not a fashion accessory; it’s a NECESSORY to protect our screens, eyes, skin, and sleep.

When I first read the Harvard study, "Blue Light Has a Dark Side", I thought about designing glasses to block the blue light. Blue light glasses are expensive, and what kid do you know puts on glasses to look at his or her phone? That’s when I had the idea to put blue light blocking technology on a screen protector.

EyeJust helps you stay protected while connected.