Why EyeJust?

EyeJust is dedicated to developing simple solutions for your phone and computer screens, so you can avoid the downsides of digital and the harmful rays of blue light. EyeJust screen protectors are easy-to-use and seamlessly fit into your everyday life. No bulky glasses or tricky application. Just apply like any other screen protector and get back to your daily digital life – only now you’ll be protecting your eyes, skin and sleep from the damages of blue light.

EyeJust’s mission is simple: to combat the negative effects of blue light emitted from digital devices in order to prevent eye damage, sleep disruption and pre-mature aging of the skin.



Founder Gigi Mortimer  

Gigi Mortimer is CEO of EyeJust and an entrepreneur with a mission to create products that offer a wellness solution for tech-dependent lives. As an accessories designer for Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch for most of her career, Gigi looked to unify fashion and function and had a brilliant eye for design. With a keen interest in science and a vision of helping consumers protect their eyes, sleep, and skin, Gigi created EyeJust Light Block Screen Protector for all devices- phone, tablet, laptop. EyeJust was created as a response to Gigi’s experience with a lack of sleep for both her and her family and the realization of the need to mitigate blue light coming from devices. She created EyeJust as an easy way to protect against the dangers of blue light and the ultimate tech wellness solution.

Gigi is active in Rockefeller University and funds research for a variety of health issues. She is a member of the Advisory Council for Common Sense Media, an organization that promotes safe technology and media for children. Gigi lives in New York with her husband and has three boys. With passion, dedication and a mission to lead the change for how consumers interact with technology, Gigi is determined to help women, men and children protect their health.