How do I install my EyeJust screen protector?

There are installation instructions included in each EyeJust package, but in case you need a reminder:

  • Use the microfiber cloth to wipe away fingerprints and dust particles from the screen before applying the screen protector.
  • Peel the film away from the screen protector. Be careful not to touch the adhesive surface after peeling it from the screen protector.
  • Carefully align the screen protector with the top and bottom of the device.
  • Pro tip: illuminate your screen and align the screen protector with the edges of the display screen.
  • When aligned, carefully place the screen protector and press down with your finger in the center of the screen. Be patient, the adhesive will self-adhere to the device. Any excess bubbles can be smoothed out to the sides.

I currently have a screen protector on. Do I need to take it off to install EyeJust?

Yes. EyeJust is designed to adhere directly to your iPhone or iPad screen. Before installing your EyeJust protector you will need to remove the existing screen protector. Don’t forget to clean your screen while your previous protector is off, too! 

I have a waterproof case. Will the EyeJust screen protector still fit?

Yes, the EyeJust screen protector will fit underneath your waterproof case. Please remove the case from your phone and clean the screen before applying your EyeJust protector. Once EyeJust is applied to the screen, you can replace the outer case on your phone.

The screen protector doesn’t cover the entire screen. What do I do?

You might need to exchange your EyeJust screen protector for a different size. Please check what type of iPhone or iPad you have and review the below instructions for exchanging your EyeJust screen protector.