blue light screen protector for iphones and ipads

Blue Light


Here is the eye-opening truth: Too much screen time may be damaging to your eyes.  

Blue light, the highest energy rays with the shortest wavelengths, make up approximately one third of the visible light spectrum. It is present in sunlight (it is what makes the sky blue…), and, in its man-made form, it is emitted by most digital screens—from smartphones and tablets to laptops and flat-screen TVs. Unlike UV light, of which less than 1% penetrates through the eye to the retina, blue light easily passes through the cornea and lens all the way to the back of the eye’s inner lining. While some exposure to blue light is healthy—it elevates mood, boosts alertness, and is beneficial to cognitive function—research suggests that overexposure can have damaging effects to not only our ocular health, but to our health in general. Studies have shown that excessive exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina, which may increase one’s risk of developing macular degeneration, a condition that may lead to vision loss.  Blue light, which scatters more easily than other visible light, reduces contrast on screens, contributing to digital eyestrain. And since it helps regulate circadian rhythms—our body’s natural sleep/wake cycle—additional screen-time before bedtime can disrupt this cycle, contributing to sleep deprivation. In children, whose eyes are not yet fully developed, and who are now using digital devices from a very young age, prolonged exposure over time is of particular concern. 



Developed by eye care specialists and recommended by the Vision Council of America, EyeJust’s four-layer technology filters out approximately 80% of 400 to 500 nm of the blue light emitted by your devices, to prevent its rays from penetrating deep within your eyes, where it can do real damage over time. In our eyes that's everything.


Screens get dirty. Oils from fingerprints and makeup residue, invisible grit and grime picked up from surfaces at home, at work, and out in the world. Can you imagine what you are putting next to your cheek when you talk on the phone? Or what your children are picking up on their fingertips, and possibly putting in their mouths, when they handle digital devices? Thanks to our anti-microbial screens, you don’t have to! Our specially coated glass kills 99% of common bacteria—including staph, E.coli, mold, and mildew—preventing its growth and transmission. Keeping screens as clean as possible is especially important for individuals working in hospital settings, schools, airports, and other public places where bacteria tends to breed.